Sunday, 9 January 2011

Another Coincidence

I woke up at 6.30, when the whole sun'd been already in the clear blue sky.
How lovely...
and hot.

Just so you know, running was a today priority, as I have to make sure that my body was ready and fit enough for running test tomorrow.

But, It was not really nice for running near home,
so, I asked mom to go with me to the near park,
firstly she said okay,*nice!*
but, suddenly, she said it was not a good idea as she had to prepare her stuff for going out in the noon. -,-
Of course I'm not going to the park then.

That were me and my running shoes, on the street in the late morning..
1 round,
2 round,
And the last round,
we were out of the usual track..

"well, it's longer, I think it even will make my exercise better."

I entered the last and the longest track, that way, that way, his way..

Halved of the track and we still ran,
suddenly, somehow,
near his pit stop, I didn't have enough energy, at all,
hence, I had to decrease my speed..
Grrrh! O-kay..

"It's okay.
It doesn't matter.
it's still in the morning, he might be still on bed or have breakfast,
whatever he's doing, he's probably not outside. (y)" I thought.

In fact, *was this luckily or unluckily? ....* what my black eyes seeing was upside down.
The t-shirt,
the jeans,
the motor,
and the tall skinny body,
that was the real him.
I saw him again :) :| *random*