Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sollay Selly: Silks and Flowers from a Box of Glamor

"SollaySelly is a fashion line that I just launched (almost) 2 weeks ago.
I make some themed dresses, shoes, and other accessories every 2 weeks.
And it was really great pleasure to know that for the first theme, "A Lovely Day with Strawberry Avalanche", all the stuff were sold out before 2 weeks :D
Thanks so much for all beautiful girls who have those now.
And, this time, I proudly announce you guys
that tomorrow I'll launch the next theme: "Silks and Flowers from a Box of Glamor"..
The store opens at 3 PM and we'll hold a fashion show at 4.
Please come and get some special prices only for tomorrow :)

See ya at SollaySelly's Store!"

I imagine that one day I'll truly post that note for my real costumers.

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