Saturday, 16 July 2011

Study Zone

Having been several days doing nothing, today I'd like to share a spot in my room at which I spent my time the most (to prepare my exam) :)

This is my study zone.

On the top rack we can find a wifi modem box, titled SollaySelly, and some books that I can read many times: mostly those're chicken soup series books.

On some racks above the TV, I put some stationaries, note books, summary books of some subjects (which is no longer to be used), stitch (oh, this my fave animation character) and friend, a pig note, and a happy point stick (sounds weird --a it's effective to keep my good mood while studying though)

Get to the right, I have two racks for my school books and National Geographic Magazines, also a doll for separating my magazines and other books.

At the center, I put some-things that really something with the bright colors, over again to keep my good mood :)
As we  look, I have a Tazmania with 2 hats on head!
He's really something because by wearing my high school hats he always reminds me about being a smalane and ikasmanca.
I also have a scrapped page from magazine with those magical words, a saving-box, teddys that can play instrument, and..

a scrap-page that I made while I was grade 11, and a spongebob bottoms right on the top of TV :)

By this post, I'd like to say to readers that It's important:
 to set up a spot for studying to make us focus, 
 and to arrange our desks and racks as tidy and interesting as possible to keep good feeling while studying.

I you're curious why there is a TV, I'd like to tell you that it's such a "good noise" while home seems so quite, so that I'm not afraid of waking up alone during midnight to study.

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