Monday, 26 September 2011

It's A Common Question

How much I love go to campus?

Lemme answer that question by defining "joy".

J O Y *spelling*
is when I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face (AAR's song)
is when I have to take some time to choose what I wear
is when I have brief breakfast which I barely did during high school
is when I get to school at 6.15 and class begins at 07.10 (in this case, I'm not late \m/, nice!)
is when I wear orange shirt with blue skirt
is when I say hello to many people and see big smiles on their faces
is when I enter propadeus and my buddy has "booked" a seat for me
is when on some days class finishes at 10.50
is when we discuss a topic given with 11 others during PBL, share  many things we know, and particularly the newest information about bio technology that we just saw on TV haha
is when  a friend told me about cloning process
is when we don't have to write down anything, and I like writing down
is when no one really reminds you to study,  It's completely a self-awareness
is when I prefer spending hours at campus to going home
is when I go to library and do homework
is when I have to attend or do "this this and this"
is when I know that I'm not alone, correction: no body's alone, we have friends!
is when we do homework with friends, have lunch with friends, tour de campus (nggeje) with friends, aaaa.. many things with them deh :') and they're not 2 3 or only 5 same people, I can do things with many different friends \m/
is when I have to go to a restaurant outside campus with friends just for eating because canteens've already closed at 4
is when I go home at 7
is when I have homework :D and have to do that maximally
is by the time I know that I have homeworks that may be said much more that I had during orientation week or high school surely
simply, joy is current time :)
What's yours?

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