Friday, 21 October 2011


Lately, if you buy a fashion-teenage magazine, probably you will find out no model which wears animal-printed stuff (proved in GoGirl! - October 2011 that I have). It seems the wild motif is not in, doesn't it?

After couple hours shopping and (then) browsing, in fact, what I said was proved: wrong, chum!
Maybe leopards've already died, crocodiles're RIP, but, these creatures are attacking at the moment: SNAKES!

So that, this afternoon, I purchased a handbag at Charles & Keith: Square. Snake-Printed. which was fit for working lady. Haha. LOL. *unfortunately, I could't upload photo of the bag*

Well, after shopping, I went online, and visited some websites, and I found out.. these:
All those 4 stunning-fashion-stuff I found on
As Zara stores are big-fashion-storage for fashion-lover in Indonesia, I can say when the snakes are put at the storages means the snake-printed is still in(on shoes and bags, I can't find any dress with this print yet)

at last, for every stunning chum,

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