Friday, 11 November 2011


A new definition of best friends.

Best friends are not with us for the whole day or even the whole year, but, we know they are the best.
They are those who give big smile and hug us tightly after period of time  not meeting them.
They are whom we can tell many things, without any limited topics.
They are probably not good advisers, but, the best listeners to us.

Having best friends doesn't mean that people in our life are limited only for some.
Many others might treat us as good as them.
Many others are amazing with their specialties.
The world exists to be explored with many people.
The more we know new people, the more we know how precious to be alive, and the more we learn to be a better one.

This is a new thought that I learn.
Knowing people countless, treat them good, and best friends are still in the heart.


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