Sunday, 6 November 2011

Such a delicate sky offers me to escape..
Feel free to fly like the cotton..
Hmmm.. ;;) I'd love too!

Ah, the conjunction ends what we say and makes us stuck at place. It often happens, right? When the weather is clear and great for photo-shoot or a movie that we really have looked forward to watching premieres today and friends or even someone-special (:p) asks to go, but, we have some papers to do and some problem-based-learning cases to solve (haha, it is my lecture every Monday).. Arrrghhh.. It turns our day upside down. Papers that usually we have turn to be frustrating-million-words we want to get through reading or doing asap then put them in a trash-bin, and we're so messed up, feel like hell. Haha. In Indonesia, most of teenagers (or adolescent) have this syndrome, call it galau.

What I want to share is even outside the office offers such a pleasure (not simply what I gave you examples above, sometimes It's much more interesting, so, just call it such a thing that we really want to do, okay? Can you imagine what you want to do at the moment? Yeh, I'm sure you get it) completing our responsibilities is relieving that surely gives us good feeling much more than just hanging out and abandon the tasks. Another thing I feel is that we also can do such a little good thing while staying to do tasks.    For example, bored with doing the tasks, we take a break for 10 minutes (like I do), during the break, we can make some drink or cookies or food, hmm.. nyammmy.. It feels good to have some snack that made by our selves, right? Or, doing paper-scrap filling with some motivating sentences, or editing some photos and even taking some photos around us can give us good feeling too.

Occasionally, positive thinking is the main point of reaching happiness. Enjoying things we can do (or have to do) is  obviously better than regretting what we miss :)

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