Tuesday, 24 January 2012


A friend said: Ngapain? Preeett.. katane ga seneng.
You were right.
One of your comment was right.
And an addition I can tell you is we are not a statue. We may be cold-hearted, kind-hearted, etc. And we may change.

I talk about forgiving.
it is difficult matter, isn't it? relative.
I had my experience to forgive people in about 6 years.
Repeat it: 6 years only for a person.
Rather than say it "difficult" it's best to call it: time & heart eater.
Believe me, live with that anger gives us so much pain!
In some points I felt, the anger gave me certain distance from Allah (He doesn't like such an anger).
At last, I could make a deal with it! Well done! :>

Don't you, guys, feel happy that eventually I could forgive the one? 
Answer: yes :p

Well, the matter that  my friend mentioned above is communicating with the one.
After forgiving, do we have to communicate with the one?
Of course we have to. Remember: Allah wants us to keep silahturahmi :)

The next thing I'd like to say:
difficult or long? both need our patience.
You want it, you get it.

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  1. inspiratif, Selly :)
    I used to have a conflict with someone but unfortunately I can't find her contact :(