Friday, 13 January 2012

Rains drenched streets, leaves, roofs, and cooled the atmosphere. Air conditioner was on, so were notebook, phone,  and lights. School bag and stuff were put on. A novel was next to this notebook. So were a pencil and a drawing book. Holiday came. Plan was made. List to do was written. Beyond the excitement of 6-leisure-week, I had something new: Living alone.
Do I move to a dormitory? Definitely, not. It's me at the same house in the same room with no parents and brothers. And suddenly this home become quietly quite. Hmmm.. No one will yell me if I sleep in. I feel blue about that.
What's the point? I'm not a genius-speaker of any feeling, and don't like to put sweet words about this, but, you must know the value of... this: Family is treasure.

xx, Selly (Xeli).

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