Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mana Suaraku?

Riuh degup langkah
hentakan musik
dan tawa mencium koklea

Welcome to my summer
This is other day with party all day long
when sun never disappears
"We are young and not drunk!"

Semua bergerak
berdansa dengan ritme
dan senyum bertebaran

Semua pita suara bergetar
kecuali milikku
Well, this is the same summer with another of me
I read big why  in the sky
and I answer with a big cheer

let's dance, walk around, and play instruments as usual,
you see my mimic, and not hear my voice.
Because.. if you realize:

Wisdom  is para-the-bodies,
to take it to be yours, it costs your voice for a day.

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