Sunday, 20 May 2012

Random Thought

Using chat on facebook seems yackie :l
Well, only because of a committee I do this :l
before I persuade them to move on :>
Skype pleaaaaseeee..

What I learnt recently,
instead of coming from willingness to create great stuff,  art comes out as part of you: your expression.
The story is, I was creating cover-design for a proposal and thinking the concept for 2 days. I made part by part of the contents, but at last, I didn't get any awesome feeling of that which I expected to be such a thing. This afternoon, I clicked ctrl + N on photoshop, have a pure-white page and drew another by following my heart instead of focusing making "such a thing" and done with awesome feeling. #9GAGface. Well, art is the actual language of your body, soul, and mind (does soul differ from mind?! #openingslideshowofdrrita),  Art purely come from heart (limbic system, not cor), baby..  Thus, all art is beautiful, none of them comes from the willingness to create good-judgement thing which, in fact, that thought is a real boomerang: It even limits your heart expression and cut out the beauty!

Their cigarettes hurt my respiratory track.
Wondering how come somebody smokes for years.

When sweet is not my sweet-heart anymore, it makes me this sick.
Nausea while walking and weakness tighten me on bed for certain hours.

Ahahaaaaa.. How I like spicy food :D it shoos my nausea! >:D<

Sell your jewelry to cost your duty. Hold the trust and get up.
Wake up and make it through.

Well, currently I give my self chance to learn about time management.
Giving chance.
 Hmm..  It is a thing we have to do to start to challenge our selves to be better.
true fact.

Hello. this is me on bed because of flu.
My health is not really well currently and recently.
Some tasks to do. Books to read. Hours of sleep. Glasses of juice (this point is yummy!).
hours of sleep. Guess, what's left? FOOD.
Tidak teratur dan tidak benar. Gghhh.
I need to revise my portion, timing, and nutrition of the food.

the next target: 44 by the end of July.

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