Friday, 11 May 2012

There is or was somebody you love that much.
It could be a guy who is that arrogant or bad-temperate and you still let him talk to you about countless things and you listen to. it could be a guy who wears loose t-shirt while you like dresses and going out with him is still one of happy moments.
The more important point is that one who easily takes certain part in the heart teaches you about love,
the sincerity of love, somehow.

Love is for goodness.
Love can make goodness.
Love will not hurt.
Love sees the bad side but not focused on it.
Love believes in hopes.
Love is one of the ways God makes us smile.

One thing you should know, that person may be the right one fits in you and may not.
If that person may not, he/she will lead to the one that fits in you more.
Whether you will spend the rest of life with that person or not, you should be thankful for the lesson.

Whether you spend the time with that person or not, if you love that person, pray the best for that one, and smile.

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