Sunday, 5 August 2012

Move! Move!

When I was a girl with Dora's hair, I wanted to learn about traditional dance. Why did I want to dance? Let me remind, ah, I thought being able to do something was cool! ;) Another reason was I believed a good Indonesian must be able to do something related to the culture. So, It was in kindergarten I learnt simple dance, and had a show. Someday, I passed by Cak Durasim, fantasized learning dance there. Years later, I had the same feeling, I wanna dance. I kept the feeling until this age.

Live with your dreams, then in your lifetime, you will make it real.

A week ago,
"one two three...... eight."
"one two three...... eight."
"one two three...... eight."
I found my self on the floor, corrected position of my feet. Music was played again. I moved my hands, my feet, and my eyes. I enjoyed the music, felt the soul and rhythmic. Call it Lenggang Timur Dance, a traditional dance of East Java taught by Pak Budi at Cak Durasim. It was really gripping!
I found out that dancing was just another type of exercise that collaborated with art. FYI, I talked to a madam, she was a bali dance teacher. At the age of >70, she still became a teacher and had a healthy body.
Thus, one of my dream was checked.
The next imagination, I pictured a 19-year-old girl was able to dance Bali dance.

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