Sunday, 23 September 2012

Batu City, East Java, Indonesia

Outer by Zara, T-shirt by Zara, Bag by Mango

During the last holiday I had been waiting for, I and some folks planned to have adventure in Batu City. Batu City is a tourism city located on mountain, plus, the cold temperature makes this city worth to visit, especially by Surabaya people whom rarely feel fresh cold temperature, such as 15 degrees celcius at night.

The first destination was Batu Secret Zoo. Different from other zoos, this zoo located in artistic adequate area. And the most important point is cleanness. Besides animals, there is theme park in the end of the route. So what you pay is for seeing animals and playing at theme park.
Happy girl with the happy elephants
Happy friends. Look at the area is clean, isn't it?
Beautiful ice cream store

my favorite, looks like watching a big screen

my model
This is orbiter, a new game at Batu Night Spectacular (theme park). Dare to get in?
Komedi putar.
The happy friends.

Where did we stay? We stayed in a villa at Bukit Berbunga.
The clean villa, which has beautiful view from the backyard, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining table, tv-room, a gazebo, and facilitated with some games such as billiard, chess, and poker cards!

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