Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Red, Ivory, and Gold always Working

Last weekend my family went out of town, left me alone at home.The good things were I could feel like living in a dorm as many friends do. Living this way, um, nothing was my concern except food, haha, I was happpy because eventually I had to have it by my self! People are curious to do what they don't usually do, right. I did cooking while midnight and morning. I had a story, One time I was starving at night and had been tired to drive. I talked to my self (and posted it on twitter) "Antara masak demi perut, atau tidur demi.. energi." Kew!!!! This was the taste of struggling before eating. Well, after that I understood the reason a friend not-often had dinner! I chose sleeping, anyway. Besides cooking, mostly I had meals outside. Luckily, although on holiday, some friends stay in town. Thank you guys for accompanying me :)

This is a post about one of my outfit last weekend while going out for having lunch. It themed casual yet stunning. Um, I have my own term of casual: to match to wear for having lunch at a mall, instead of candle light dinner (Haha). Besides the stunning red velvet slippers, a big gold ring, and a gold bag I wear, soft colors of the dress, blazer, and wearing jeans successfully work to compensate the outfit to be casual.

Overall, weekend was great experience, (especially in the kitchen ;)).
& weekdays've come, last words: happy studying & holiday, people!

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